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  • WordPress Share of all Websites 26.6%
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man-in-circleEvery business needs a great looking website for desktop computers, tablets and phones. We do this with the WordPress content management system (CMS) —  the most respected website building software in the world — and the modular theme DIVI to create your responsive website.
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Deb Perugi

Deb Perugi


Deb has a BFA in Fine Arts and later added courses in photography, typography and graphic design. As Perugi Design, she has been making websites for over ten years and specializing in WordPress for seven. Quote: “Working at the Boston Globe as an editorial infographics designer taught me how to tell stories in a visual way on many subjects.”

April Leighton

April Leighton


April helps you to speak your customers language and channel your unique business style and voice in the medium where your business know-how and your customers needs intersect. Quote: “As a copywriter my job is helping you draw that knowledge out into the open and structuring it in language that viscerally connects with your ideal customer.”

Pat Martinez

Pat Martinez


Pat brings a diverse set of skills to the table He delivers analytical thinking and research, WordPress customization, Divi Theme expertise and e-commerce solutions. Quote: “I’m more than a web developer. I’m an optimizer. I always look for ways to improve things. I deliver my best work with clients that value excellence, integrity, and clear and open communication.”


My old Drupal site needed to be rebuilt in new software, so it was an excuse to go for a total redesign. I left it in Deb’s hands, she came up with something fresh, engaging and classy. She found the images, including some I wouldn’t have thought of, which are edgy and yet still appropriate. She is a first-rate artist and technician who designed and accomplished all the technical work of migrating my site to WordPress and making all my scores of links work. I would trust her completely with any future site design and build.

Ellen Hume

Owner, Ellen Hume Journalist

After weeks of searching for a web designer, we found Perugi Design. We hit it off with Deb right away as she is just a really cool and comfortable person to be around. She built us a great site that has generated steady business. We now get calls virtually every day. Best of all Deb has been accessible and responsive to our needs and a great tutor. She taught us to do some of our own site upgrades like adding new products and this has saved us valuable time. John Jackman

Owner/Principal, Think Pure Water

We asked Perugi Design to do a fairly complex website from a design perspective that a large Boston agency had failed to figure out. Not only did she succeed and do a beautiful job but she surpassed all our expectations. Working with Deb was a very collaborative experience and I plan to bring any new websites that come into our PR firm to her. We could not be happier with her work. Susan Wagner

Owner, Susan Wagner PR

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