Our Website Design Makes Us Different

How We Work

I begin with a questionnaire and schedule a discovery meeting, during which, I suggest design ideas. This collaborative approach leads to a home page design based on my years in the editorial design field. I build a page structure known as “Purposeful User Flow”. It guides visitors through the website quickly and efficiently — and makes for good user experience. The content is built with key words for a head start on search engine optimization (SEO). After publishing the mobile-ready website, we offer help with marketing, security updates, blog writing, more functionality or coach you how to do update in-house.

After weeks of searching for a website builder/designer, we found Perugi Design. We hit it off with Deb right away as she is just a really cool and comfortable person to be around. She built us a great site that has generated steady business. It took a little time but we now get calls and contacts virtually every day. Best of all Deb has been accessible and responsive to our needs and a great tutor for one on one meetings. She taught us to do some of our own site upgrades like adding new products and this has saved us valuable time. The overall costs were surprisingly affordable and really got us established in the residential water purification business in record time.
John Jackman
Owner, Think Pure Water