Deb Perugi is a fine artist whose command of visual storytelling was developed as an infographic designer for The Boston Globe and other publications. She was painting, making maps and illustrating museum graphics before joining the Globe’s award winning editorial design department. Deb started coding websites by hand in the early days of the internet and has been working with WordPress for the last eight years. “My expertise is in knowing how to design elegant WordPress websites for my clients and provide them support in a changing online environment.”

MEET DEVELOPER PAT MARTINEZ:  Pat delivers analytical thinking and research into every WordPress customization and e-commerce solution. He is a wizz at problem solving and a delight to work with. Feel free to call Pat If you have an emergency and Deb does not email you back right away. Pat can be reached at 503-967-0467 from 11 am to 7 pm. Quote: “I’m more than a web developer. I’m an optimizer. I always look for ways to improve things. I deliver my best work with clients that value excellence, integrity, and clear and open communication.”

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