Frequently Asked Questions

manonchairHow do we begin the process?
After you accept the proposal/contract, we can begin after an initial deposit of 50%. We will send you an invoice to start. Final payment is due at launch or after 3 months if the site is 90% finished.

Will the website work on mobile?
Yes, Our theme (or template) generates mobile and tablet versions.

Can you fix our broken website?
We will try to help you with your site if it is in WordPress. We can also convert any site to WordPress.

Can you help me set up social media?
We can set up a simple page for you on Facebook. We also add the social media links to the website.

Can you help with Google Analytics?
With your Google email account, we add the code to your website for tracking on the Google Analytics website. We also offer SEO reports with a Maintenance Plan.

Do you want us to do the design?
That’s our job, but we work with your insights and goals.

Can you use our photographs?
Yes, if they are good quality, but we will use other resources as well.

I don’t write. Can you do that for me?
We are expert editors. If requested, we provide original copy researched and written by our writer.

How long will it take to have a website?
If all the material is together, we can make the website in a few weeks. Keep in mind that we need your feedback along the way.

Will I be able to update the site?
We include training on WordPress at the end of the process, enabling you to add blog posts, photos and videos yourself.

What is a plug in?
Plugins are small pieces of software that are loaded into the website and bring added functionality.

Do you make shopping cart sites?
Yes, including recurring billing, downloads, and subscriptions.

Can the website integrate with our newsletter service?
Yes. Our theme provides a form for connection to several popular newsletters. We also can recommend a free service using a plugin.

Can you point my domain to the new website?
Yes, we do this by accessing your server with your user name and password and, if necessary, work with the technicians there on your behalf.

What other services do you provide?
We provide monthly maintenance plans, development, writing services, hosting, graphic design, branding and photography.