And now for something fun! The internet offers many ways to meet people from all over the world. I receive a daily email from WebdesignerNews, a list of interesting news links on web related design. A while back, I followed one of the links to a series of delightful animal animations created with css and html code. These designs caught my eye because of their clever movements and good design.

The animation was created by designer/coder Pankaj Taneja, who is located just outside Washington D.C. I’m hoping to give him pr for his animal animations. You can view two whale animations on Codepen and he sells a dog and owl 404 page pack on Theme Forest for only $5.

It wasn’t clear to me where to add the code in the WordPress page. But with some trial and error, it began to move about the page! Just click on the bee and it will fly you to his page where he will come to life! For some more fun go to the Owl animation, by the same artist/developer and say hello!