managewpPerugi Design uses a powerful new tool that reports website data on everthing from latest backups to SEO standings. On the SEO report page for Perugi Design, it gave me a flow chart of how my website has performed over the past month. (See image below on left). You can filter any amount of time; a whole year or even just one week.

seo-1Perhaps you made a major marketing effort the previous month and want to see how that affected your website’s SEO. You can see here that visits were doubled in the period from October 11 to October 22. I made some home page edits and wrote a few blog posts. I was surprised to see the change. The chart on the right side lists my top competitors in the area.

This tool also allows you to track specific key words

Let me give you an example. The keywords I wanted to track are “web design” and the also towns where I do the most business, such as Framingham, Natick and Boston. One of the ten keywords I chose is “Framingham Web Design” and another “Boston Web Design”.

How did I do?

seo-2I am on the first page of Google for the keywords “boston divi theme”, “framingham website design”, “natick web maintenance” and wellesley web maintenance.” Perugi Design is number 12 for “natick website design” and number 14 for “boston wordpress websites”. I think that’s quite good considering the number 12 spot is located on  the second page of the orgainic area on Google.

Part of the work is figuring out the best keywords for the audience you are trying to attract. There are other tools we use for that too.

The softeare creates a pdf booklet that itemizes everything that is updated on a weekly basis. such as number and dates of backups saved, plugins that have been updated, security checks, spam comments that have been removed and if and when and how long your website was offline.

Only clients on the monthly web maintenance plan gets these reports, either monthly or quarterly. (It cannot be accessed via the dashboard.) The pdf report is great for presentation purposes, too. If you are an existing or new client thinking about taking advantage of this service, message me. I’d be happy to talk to you about it!