BlogYou have written a great post and you want the most activity from your hard work of writing and editing. Here’s an informative article from Coschedule with some good infographics explaining the best times of the week and day to publish depending on your desired outcome. Consider your demographics. Is your blog mostly for women or men? Do you want more linkbacks or comments?

You can take advantage of writing it on a Sunday and scheduling it for Monday morning if that is when you want your post to hit the internet. Just Save Draft on the right side of your editor and then Edit the Publish Immediately button right below. In fact I’m doing that now. The Publish button then turns into a blue Schedule button. Put in your date and time, save and you are all set.

Check your Google Analytics* a few days later to see how well the post did. You can learn from your own analytics if you review them regularly. Try a Monday at 7 am, then perhaps, at 11 am, etc.

A reminder to all. Use the Categories at the right column to add the article to your database. You may choose more than one category. Add a new category if you need to. Also helpful to SEO is the Tags area just below the Categories.

• To access your Google Analytics reports, go to the url for Google Analytics. (It has its own web site.) Log in with your Gmail address and password.