Susan Stendahl has helped nonprofits find their fundraising focus. “Her deep-rooted involvement in the nonprofit arena spans two decades, a broad mix of organizations and a diverse array of engagements involving nearly all aspects of nonprofit development.” Now, with good planning, she has started her own company to offer her clients her resources and wide ranging experience.

Susan was introduced to me by Nancy Wolff Leary, of Online Amplify. Nancy provides marketing solutions to companies that help them grow through an improved online presence. Nancy and I worked together to provide Susan with a head start on her new company website Fundraising Focus. Nancy is an expert on content writing and she asked me to provide the design piece of the puzzle.

Nancy wanted to have a design in place before providing web copy, which is something I did not anticipate. My usual strategy starts by meeting and discussing objectives with the client, looking over text (either a previous website or brochure) and building a wire frame (or layout sketch) from that. But I had a solution. I would find a Child Theme site layout with dummy copy that was approved by Susan and myself for Nancy to view. Susan and I easily agreed on one. I made suggestions on where headlines and links should go based on what I knew Susan needed. And Nancy would have enough sections to consider.

But this solution was not without its challenges. Three women who each have their own ideas about website development made for some interesting discussions. I think we can agree the site is the better for it. It incorporates Susan’s precise objectives, Nancy’s lively and thorough text and my sense of appropriate color, layout and photography. Go see for yourself and if you know an organization that could use fundraising help, go here! To ask me about this project, contact me.