flytrapWhen business owners plan a website to promote their company, sell products or just reinforce their brand, they disregard the most important benefit of WordPress. Yes, you can update it yourself by adding new photos, a slide show or edit text, maybe even update an event calendar. But, the single most beneficial piece is The Blog. Which means you will need to write something about your company or product at least once a month. Why? Because, not only does it reinforce your brand, but it places you as the expert on the subject that is your company. Also, each post that goes out is picked up by Google, the number one search engine. If you want your website to work for you and be the marketing powerhouse it can be, than you have to Feed It!

For those of us who have worked in publishing, the writing piece is not a big challenge. But for others, it can be a big challenge. I get that. I tell those clients to write in their voice as if they are in their office introducing their business. Why is their service a good value? What knowledge can you share that can help a customer? What other companies complement what you offer? Is there news in your field that you can share? People want to know Your Story, or your company’s story. Are you willing to give it a try?

For more information on how and why to write a blog, I recommend my friend David Gadarian’s book, Better Business Blogging. It’s $6.99 on Amazon.

David says, “The book is about how to see more meaningful results for your business blogging efforts and it is the result of my own experiences with many business owners that were struggling with these very issues.  This book is for business owners and staff at companies ranging from the solo-prenuer all the way up to companies of 250 people (the high end of small businesses).  I feel confident in saying that I think there is value in this book for a wide range of experience levels as the bulk of the book is focused on how to create a better business blogging framework (sorry – no get rich quick schemes here!)”

Remember to feed Seymore … happy blogging! You see I just wrote one and it took all of 15 minutes!