Perugi Design recently published a new website for a client in Gloucester. The owner runs a specialized niche recruitment agency that has been in the staffing consulting business since 1989. They match companies and top talent in the User Experience, Technical Writing and E-learning fields. So, you know this site has to be perfect, because their clients are web professionals.

The design came from a talented guy somewhere in Europe. He sent me a beautiful, but many layered photoshop file with all the graphics, text and images of the site. My job was to figure out how to get the closest look using a WordPress template. Setting up this site using a team from Boston was already tried. But the developers there failed to complete the project and gave up, leaving the client with a depleted budget and a lot of frustration.

Keeping a reduced budget in mind, I recommended a theme by Elegant Themes, called Divi. It offers enough flexibility and is also a single page setup not unlike the designer’s vision. It is also responsive, which allows one layout design to adjust to all media: large screen, laptop, pads and phones. A few weeks later, I was able to present about 98% of the original design to the company, who met their deadline. Owner, PR agent and designer are very happy. One of their best clients emailed shortly after congratulating her on the beautiful new website.

Perugi Design did for less than half the price what a team in Boston couldn’t complete. Now, That’s good value!