SEO TargetWordPress is here, offering you an easy way to beat your competitors for that lucrative first page on Google. All you have to do is use relevant text in your website and write blog posts on a regular basis on topics that relate to your business or service. If you write with authority about something you know well, then you become the expert. How many other [insert your line of work here] do you know that write with competency about what you do and know well?

Writing can be chore or even frightening to some business owners. All it takes is a little practice and perhaps reading a book on how to write well. I recommend you buy and read E.B. White’s Elements of Style. It is a small book that packs a lot of valuable information. The Seventeenth Rule states “Omit Needless Words”. You must be concise. Take out everything that is not useful. It is especially important in writing for the web.

Your web designer should guide you in creating the best relevant text (keywords) for your website. A keyword is a word or phrase related to your business that internet users would search for when looking for the products, services, or information you offer. If your webmaster is a good editor, they can whip that copy into shape in no time. Just keep writing and communicating what you know.

Help Is On The Way

We offer a service to help our customers On page and Off page
On Page: Perugi Design will help you write your blog posts with regularity and competency. We back it up with Google Analytics and regular reports. If you use Twitter and Facebook, we will set up your site so that it automatically posts there also. We import and set up an SEO plugin that will guide in adding titles and links.

Off Page:Our highly experienced associates offer several plans to bring full SEO to your site. The starter package is priced affordably and you can build from there if you want more targeted keywords, posts, content blurbs on 3rd party sites, blog comments and link submissions. Innovative tracking software allows both our team and yours to closely follow the detailed results of your SEO campaign. You will have reports sent to you as often as you’d like, and everything is transparent.

On Page or including Off Page SEO gives you choices for marketing your business.