Constant_Contacts_New_Logo1-164x164We have been very busy putting together some products to offer clients who want to stay up to date and promote their business but also don’t want the hassle of doing it themselves! In chronological order of this crazy period of growth we offer you:

1. Constant Contact
Last month,You heard about our partnership with Constant Contact. The limited offer of one free set up is still good for the first ten customers who sign up here.This is a great way to reach your customers and their associates, by going where they read every day… their in-box. If you already have CC, you can still take advantage of this offer! Or, if you recommend someone, you can both take advantage of the offer!

2. Bluehost Hosting
P.D. also has become a partner with Bluehost, a company Deb has worked with for over five years. Their 24/7 support technicians always continue to be knowledgeable and helpful. Most of our clients are on the Bluehost servers, but not in a managed area. If you would like your site to be migrated and managed by Deb, let us know. She will fill you in on the details.

3. Site Management
P.D. can also manage your site even if it is not in the hosting package. We currently have slots for ten clients. With this service, you get site backups on Amazon, analytics and all WordPress theme and plugin updates detailed on quarterly reports.If we grow to over ten clients, we will be adding SEO to the package. More on that later.

Some people like the ease of use Shopify affords for shopping cart web sites. If you plan on selling a lot of products, virtual or downloadable, this may be the ticket. We offer this product as an alternative to the standard WordPress Woo Commerce shopping cart setup. It does, however, come with a monthly fee.

That’s it in a nutshell. If you are interested in knowing more abut any of these services, feel free to call 508-879-7347 or email.