Being a website consultant is not all fun and games. Much of the time the work can be tedious. Which is why you want me to do it! Here are some of the things I do on a daily basis to help website owners get the best out of their internet presence. These scenarios are based on real help we have given to clients on a daily basis.

On the first day… you are notified that your domain will expire in 6o days. The domain was purchased years ago and the registrar is a place you never heard of before. Worst case scenario: You ignore the message and your site goes down. The domain goes public and someone buys it. He asks for $6,000…. Best case scenario: We transfer the domain to our host and update it for you without you having to worry about it again.

On the second day… your WordPress website gets hacked because you followed a scam email. Worst case scenario: you never made a back up and you have to hire a security company to clean your website. It takes a month and you have to take your site offline. Best case: Luckily, you signed up for a maintenance plan with us so there is a backup of your website that we restore for you. But no worries, our maintenance plan should prevent it in the first place.

On the third day… you are having problems with your website made by an acquaintance who is now too busy to help you update it. We find out your custom hand-built theme has never had security updates and it has malware. We recreate your site using our module based theme that gets regular security updates.

On the fourth day… the free plugin on your site is abandoned by the developer and is no longer working correctly. We replace the plugin with one that is similar but supported. When using free plugins we like to contribute to the developer so they can continue working, but they are still a good value.

On the fifth day… the Paypal Donation button stopped working on your website. It could be a number of reasons including someone changed your pp password. We reset the code and fix the problem.

On the sixth day… your company is moving and you need the addresses and Google maps to be changed. We also help you by creating an announcement on the website prior to the move.

On the seventh day… you have been adding images to your blog posts but forgot to reduce their size. Your site slows down because each image is over one megabyte. We reduce the sizes of your images and recheck the performance of your site.

On the eighth day… you want to highlight a new service or product but don’t know the best way to do it. We make recommendations and make the changes for you.

On the ninth day… You want to send your clients a holiday email card but don’t have an image to use. We find a great inexpensive image from a stock agency and send the samples for you to choose. We set it up for you.

On the tenth day… You forgot how to add a photo to a newsletter, so you call us and we help you by walking you though it over the phone.

On the eleventh day… One of the plugins on your WordPress website won’t update in the dashboard. You call us and we download a new version from the developers website and replace it.

On the twelfth day… You have text and pdfs to add on a new web  page and you want help organizing the material to fit your design and brand. We are happy to assist.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!