zarrella-dentistZarrella Dentistry in Ashland and Mii / Market Innovations in Natick are two new sites published in the last week by Perugi Design in Framingham. You would not be able to tell that these two sites are based on the same template. Both are using DIVI, from Elegant Themes. Color, imagery, layout are all integral to the design dictated by the companies and their audiences.

Doctor John Zarrella and his team worked over the span of a few months to get the look and content they felt would attract their customers. We added previously researched text and graphics and a lot of information for the reader on all areas of dentistry. Doc Zarrella is my dentist. I can attest to his good work and his friendly staff.

miiMii is a marketing company who’s client base had shifted over the last year or so. They wanted a compelling site that gives readers a lot of information. They have built relationships with leading non-profit and Fortune 500 companies in the areas of health care, financial services, telecommunications, technology, consumer goods, manufacturing and retail.

To view each site, click on their home page image. To see more DIVI sites we have made, go to our website library!