I get a lot of calls from salespeople trying to sell me what I already know is going to be overly expensive and not worth my time. So the conversation stops before it starts. But recently, for some reason, I agreed to make an appointment to talk to a representative of a company that is a leading provider of cloud-based marketing and PR software. “It helps businesses reach and influence buyers across social networks, online and through the media” You “are provided with an integrated suite that combines social marketing, search marketing, email marketing and publicity into a comprehensive solution to help your businesses attract, engage and retain customers…. Over 120,000 organizations worldwide use this company’s software.” So. I thought, this might be an attractive site for some of my clients who have little time to spend on Facebook and Twitter trying to attract new followers.

The salesperson was a young man interested in my business and how I market it. I told him that I blog, have several forms on my site, use Twitter and Facebook. My content and installed seo plug-in gets me in the organic area of Google search for WordPress Web Design. But I can do more. I’m not a marketing guru, but more and more I’ve come to see how internet marketing works. The salesperson, Zach, led me through all the points about how the software dashboard combines all the important internet marketing pieces. I’m already intrigued. What about reselling the product?, I ask. That I can do, he says. I can offer you a reduced price that anyone else can get. I may even buy it myself. If you are frustrated with trying to keep up with internet marketing media, this might be the answer for you. The down side is that it is not cheap. The advantage is that you have all the tools in one place which will save you time and confusion.