What do you do if an associate asks you if they can interview you for a profile on their website? Do not hesitate and say yes as I did when Danielle Blanchette of CPA Advisors asked me. I wrote out their questionnaire and didn’t hear back. But eventually, I got an email saying the interview was live.

Why is this a good idea? Not only does it introduce you to their customers who may visit their website, but the Search Engine benefits are real. That post goes out on the internet with your name in bright lights. And here I am posting about it and their name and link will be available at the bottom of this article. It’s a WIN WIN, as they say. For their page go to: http://cpaadvisors.biz/wordpress/perugi-design/. By the way, Tony is an affable guy who happens to be a really great accountant. Check out CPA Advisors!

This week on Local Business Spotlight, we are joined by local web designer Deb Perugi from Perugi Design.

Perugi Design helps many local businesses create and maintain beautiful and elegant websites that are unique to each company and easy to navigate (for both front-end visitors and her back-end clients).  All the sites are mobile and tablet friendly – which is a necessity nowadays if you want your business to succeed. We love Deb’s work, so today we asked her how she got her start.

What do you like best about designing?
I like combining my graphic design and photography skills and figuring out the layout and editing content in a way that will suit my client’s goals. I think it involves both sides of the brain as I have to think creatively but also logically. It fully engages me, especially when there is problem-solving to do!

How did you get started in website design?
I was working at the Boston Globe at the time. Early on, the Globe brought in desk Apple desktop computers and we were producing information graphics for the daily and Sunday papers on deadline. I went to a one-day workshop in Cambridge to find out about the internet. We wrote a sample web page in HTML. It blew my mind that what you saw on the screen was what others would see. It eliminated the inevitable printing errors that would occur.
Of course, that was before I learned that different browsers had an effect on web pages.

Why did you pick the Framingham area to serve?
We were living in Newton where we moved in 1992 when our twins were a year old. It was always the plan that when they went off to college we would sell the condo and find less expensive property further from Boston. We looked at many towns and settled on the Natick/Framingham area. Not only is it less expensive to live here, we really like the area.

What are 3 local businesses in Framingham would you like to see spotlighted and why?
I have a lot of clients in this area so I’ll pick a few of them.
Crossfit Synergistics in Ashland. Talk to Elizabeth. This is a recent client. Elizabeth is a good manager and great to work with. She is energetic and enthusiastic about CrossFit.
Red Rover Clothing in Framingham. Talk to Cindy. Cindy works really hard to create unique polar fleece outer wear. She not only designs and makes the clothes, she sells at many major craft shows in the US.
PSW Youth Employment in Marlborough. Talk to Kelley or Jan. This group does so much for disadvantaged youth in the Southeastern Metro region. They help kids connect with corporations in the area via internships, mentorships, and other ways.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?
I was trained as a visual artist, so I like to take painting classes and I have a small studio at home. I also love the outdoor activities and organic farming practices. So I visit farms and buy eggs locally. We also like to travel to Europe, so when we can afford a trip, we go.
If you are looking for a great web designer for your business or start-up, you can contact Deb at:

Office: 508-879-7347
Cell: 617-365-3418
Website’s Contact Form: https://perugi.com/contact
Facebook: Perugi Design
LinkedIn: Deb Perugi

Article at: http://cpaadvisors.biz/