elementsofstyle-164x164New business owners often have trouble knowing what to write for their websites. I’m not a professional writer, but I am married to one and worked at a newspaper for ten years. The best advice I can give is to read Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style. It will teach you to write succinctly. For more specific advice on content, read this list I recently made for a client. It may be useful when getting ready to hire a web designer. At the bottom of the article I’ve included a pdf link so you can print it out and take notes. Enjoy!

About Us (me): This can be a mission statement. What goals to you have for your clients? What is the driving force behind your work? Why are you in this line of business? Give us a little history about how or why you do the work you do. Why are you good at it? What are you most proud of? Some of your accomplishments, degrees and honors. Give examples.

Services: What specific services do you give your clients? Do you go the extra mile? List down everything you do for one or another type of client, from beginning to end. What part of it is complimentary? Is there an hourly fee? Is there a package?

How and when are you available? What towns do you serve? Each of your services may require a page of explanation.

Contact Us:  Email, address and phone, maybe a map. Contact form should be here. Also put it in the footer widget of your pages.

Links: important links your clients may want access to.

Blog:  Have several posts or blog posts ready for the launch.

  •  Write an anecdote about a particular client and how you served them. (without names).
  •  Write about an event coming up. Are you presenting somewhere?
  •  How about something newsworthy in your profession?
  •  Explain more on a topic that people need help understanding.
  • Anything you might cover in a 10 minute presentation.
  •  Find a voice that you feel comfortable in.
  • Writing in corporate is not necessarily the best.
  • Be inviting.

Testimonials: Have several ready to place on a page or in the side bar.

Other information to include:


Business address:________________________




How you got here:_______________________

List the services you provide:________________

Towns served___________________________



Favorite stories:_________________________

“How To Write” PDF